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Message About COVID 19

COVID 19: We remain committed to helping our customers access all regular products and services along with any emergency and repair products that are needed to keep your yard maintained and safe.

However, we take the importance of increasing social distancing measures in our sales yard seriously.  We will now be limiting the number of customers inside the yard at a time.  Payment may be made by credit or debit cards.

We will continue to offer delivery options.  If you are feeling unwell or are self-isolating we will phone ahead so that you are in a safety zone.

We are here to help as we navigate through this together. We want to thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time, while we help keep each other safe and healthy.  We've advised all delivery and services associates to follow everyday preventive actions including washing hands often and disinfecting frequently touched objects.

We appreciate the trust you place in us every day. We know that many of you depend on us for the products and materials needed around your homes and businesses.

Premium Organic Triple Mix Soil

Cow manure + Sheep manure + Mushrooms

Black soil – no weeds, no sand, guaranteed.

Great for gardening, flower beds, vegetables, and grass


✅ Best for Gardening

✅ Best for Flower Beds

✅ Best for Grass

Premium Soil 1-Yard Bag

Mulch Products

Protects your plants, saves water, and looks great!

*Extra fee beyond 5KM

Enhanced Brown Pine Mulch – Natural Red Cedar Mulch

Composite Black Pine Mulch – Gold Cedar Mulch

Top Quality Mulch

Red – Brown – Black – Natural Cedar

Stone Products

3/8″ Peastone

3/4″ River Rock

1″ – 2″ River Rock

3″ – 5″ Ornamental River Rock

Peastone and River Rock

gorgeous stones, full of colour

Gravel Products

5/8″ / Granular a Gravel

3/4″ Clean Gravel

Stone Dust

HPB – High Performance Bedding / Interlock

3/4″ Red Granite

Gravel Per Bag – Best Price

Sand Products Per Yard

Masonry Sand

Brick Sand

Play Sand

Hydro Sand

Polymer Sand – Beige and Gray / evolution sand / interlock joint*

Polymer Sand – White and Black / evolution sand / interlock joint*